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Become an #SACreator at #ACPA18


Becoming a Student Affairs Creator: Digital Makerspace Workshop #ACPA18

Join the Student Affairs creator revolution. We’re moving from lurking to participation! Less consumption, more contribution! Professional learning and engagement is not sitting back to absorb information. Let’s lead by example by changing how we process knowledge, share innovative ideas, and apply design thinking in higher education~student affairs. x

To push the boundaries of expertise and unpack meaning making in the profession, I’ll be joined by a group of other creators at the 2018 ACPA Annual Convention in Houston Texas for a pre-conference half-day workshop. This hands-on session will have participants create audio, video, textual, and visual media projects to think about how knowledge is created and disseminated in our profession. .

Join us for this dynamic four hour workshop on Sunday March 11th, 11:30am-3:30pm! Learn more about the session here and register here! Limited spots available, deadline is February 15th!


Background on #SAcreators Pre-Convention Workshop

For college student educators to be relevant in higher education, we have to be contributors to the proliferation of knowledge and practice in the field. Student affairs professionals need to be actively engaged in developing the future of higher learning. This is a bold and necessary call to start a true SA creator revolution. Let’s move from lurking to participation by consuming less and contributing more! Professional learning and engagement should not be sitting back to absorb information. In reflection and through self-assessment, a small number of professionals are blogging, podcasting, creating videos, and sharing visual digital traces of what it means to be a professional in SA today. There are innovative practices from professionals and networked communities that enhance how we work and interact with our functional roles at our institutions. SA professionals are toggling between traits and cognitive processes for design thinking, problem-solving, and create ways to share experiences in a variety of emerging technology outlets.

As college student educators, we need to lead by example, specifically  rethinking how we process knowledge, employ innovative ideas, and apply design thinking to higher education. Technology allows us to contribute via multiple modalities to teach and reach our learners, colleagues, and stakeholders on campus. Part of this digital literacy development includes storytelling, narratives of experiences, and dissemination of  open educational resources for knowledge sharing in higher ed. How are you contributing to the profession? To push the boundaries of expertise and unpack meaning making, this hands-on session will have participants creating with audio, video, textual, and visual social technologies to deconstruct how knowledge is and can be shared.

Hands-On Experiential Activities

This pre-convention workshop will give participants information on the pedagogical strategies behind a variety of makerspaces. We use the word pedagogy here intentionally – meaning reflecting on your philosophy and thinking through how to apply that philosophy to various makerspaces. How does your chosen tool or medium influence what you are trying to say, convey, or create? These are the types of conversations we will have during this pre-convention workshop. Specifically, we will discuss:

  • Audio pedagogy – Storytelling, podcasting, interviewing, SoundCloud
  • Video pedagogy – GoPro, Jing, Screencast-O’-Matic, live streaming, YouTube, Vimeo
  • Visual pedagogy – Drawing, Graphic facilitation, visual mapping, infographics, Canva, web
  • Written pedagogy – Blogging, Freelance/Publication, Self-Publishing, Wikis, email newsletters

Makerspace Rooted in your own Experience

One key to our workshop will be that, prior to convention, we will engage registered participants to think about how to make this workshop work for them. While you can engage with these ideas in the abstract, it will be easier to “choose your own adventure” once your destination is set. What issues are you facing in your work – and how can you use makerspaces to solve that problem? What knowledge have you gained that you want to share with the rest of the student affairs world? What innovative practices do you have that will benefit the larger college student educator community?

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this institute/pre-conference workshop, participants will be to:

  1. Identify the barriers and opportunities for creating content and sharing as an open educational practitioner in higher education with attribution and creative commons licenses.
  2. Outline pedagogical practices and applied technologies to develop creative works and experiment with various media technologies to hone maker skills.
  3. Design visual, audio, video, and written creative projects during the institute/pre-conference workshop to hone digital literacy skills that support open education resources development.

Pre-Convention Faculty

9M1A0906-EditJosie Ahlquist
Digital Leadership Author, Coach & Speaker
Florida State University Research Associate & Leadership Instructor josie@josieahlquist.com
www.josieahlquist.com \\ Josie & The Podcast
Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram


Eaton_1Paul Eaton
Assistant Professor
Sam Houston State University
Department of Educational Leadership
Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram



Amma Marfo
Speaker and Facilitator
Fun Enterprises
www.ammamarfo.com || The Imposters Podcast
Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram





Laura Pasquini
I make stuff, learn what I’m creating here: https://techknowtools.com/




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