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Your Digital Self & Online Community: Let’s Twitter Chat About it #sachat & #AcAdv

As I have previously blogged about, I am collaborating with Dr. Laura Pasquini on the Networked Community of Practice Study, where we are looking into how digital spaces, places, and tools influence our personal and professional identity, as well as learning and influence in the field of higher education and student affairs.

As part of our ongoing research, Dr. Pasquini and I will be hosting two Twitter Chats in the upcoming week.  Join us as we discuss the connections between participation in online networks, identity, and online communities in our professional practice.

#SAchat TOPIC:
Personal & Professional Identity on Social Media and Online

sachat_logoThursday, December 1, 2016 for the DAYTIME #SAchat from 12-1 pm CDT;
Follow @The_SA_Blog on Twitter

Let’s discuss what it means to “grow up” professionally online and offline in higher education. What motivates you to interact, engage, and share? What social networks and hashtags do you connect with for your work in student affairs and higher ed? Has being online impacted what you do professionally or personally? Share with us about your own digital identity development and how it influences your work on campus. 

#AcAdv Chat TOPIC:
Learning Online With And From A Community of Peers


Tuesday, December 6, 2016 for the #AcAdv Chat from 12-1 pm CDT; Follow @AcAdvChat on Twitter

Let’s have a conversation about how online networks and digital spaces support your professional and personal well-being. Where do you learn online? What communities contribute to your work and success in #higher ed? Tell us how these networked communities offer resources, share ideas, and offer care for you, your professional role, and your personal growth.

If you work in higher education and care about these issues, please join in on one or both discussions on Thursday (12/1) and next Tuesday (12/6). We look forward to hearing what you have to say on the topics…Twitter Chat soon!

Do you have questions about this or our research team, please feel free to contact us or suggest a way you would like to collaborate!

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